Friday, 16 October 2015

The power of design

Design is a powerful process that adds a lot of value to anything it works upon. But then the best design is invisible to the eye or even the senses. It is silent when it works best and perfectly. Therein lies the problem of its value. When one cannot sense its value addition, it becomes very difficult to quantify the addition. In a business or a scenario that uses design to add value, efforts need to be taken to document the way design has been applied to achieve a greater benefit or a solution to the problem it addresses.
Working on a number of projects over a period of time, gives you insight into the exact benefits brought about by design, resultant of a successful design process. That process needs to be both mapped and sequenced by an analytical procedure to evolve a plan of action that can be demonstrated to decision makers before applying it on a product, service and environments besides other situations.
When that plan of action is demonstrated properly, it makes decision making easier, the design more valuable and the outcome more visible, without being seen or felt. The power of design lies in the knowing of it and it's absorption. 

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