Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Luck and creative thinking

There's always a time when, ideas don't turn up the way you want it for a certain requirement. This could be a design, a campaign or something very important.
It feels like none of the ideas seem promising or make the cut and time plays truant. So, then as though by luck, a great idea pops up and you decide to go with it. Surprisingly, the idea is well received and the go ahead is given for developing this ' lucky ' idea.
It's quite funny to be in these situations and attribute the sudden change of events to a very ethereal idea.
Well then, is this a spur of the moment thing, a lucky break or actually a response to what you were going to do anyway!

It's an interesting question that makes you wonder? Because luck defies an established logic. That state must be at the creative level of our minds. More spontaneous...

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