Friday, 9 October 2015

Culture and Design

We've had a long association with culture, while working with a culture related organisation. The way  it has transformed me and our work, during the process is a very humbling aspect. Rather than tackling the various issues related to culture based design ideation, it would be more gainful to understand the why, the what, and also the who's. It's a very abstract space to be in. Moreover, when  you combine two ancient cultures and try to connect their energies, it becomes so dynamic, that you have to become invisible to the ongoing change. My many encounters in designing for culture are full of mysterious suggestions, closely guarded values yet beautifully balanced by a joy of living in the present along with the past, tremendous mutual respect and a serious desire to establish a strong relationship.
Discovery was the first part of the journey, followed by engagement with many like minded and conversely interested groups as well. Then comes a connecting phase and then the magic starts to happen. When this triangular structure is completed, it sets off many such similar initiatives that gain strength from the earlier experiences. Simply amazing.
Culture is more than a soft centered sweet that is consumed during certain periods, infact it lies at the very core of our beliefs and practices. It dances to the winds of change so beautifully that you can enjoy the experience when you tune in. 

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