Monday, 23 May 2011

the essence of design

An approach to solving problems, applying aesthetics and creating distinction is a critical process that ensures success and sustainability. That process or Design, the omnipotent term, is now used in all aspects of life. Its outcome, mysterious and splendid. We have seen it transform our world, usher in modernity, embraced by the industrial revolution, a mantra for the developing world and much more.

Yet its beauty lies in its simplicity, the holistic vision that it eventually helps to realise.
Interestingly, it always changes with time, need, desire, the everchanging world, its culture and most of all the users that inhabit that world, human beings.

Extracting the essence of design for any thing, is the beginning of the struggle, sustaining it is even bigger. But all that dissappears with the transformation it brings about.

Pure brilliance...An amalgamation of science, art and humanity.