Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The design dialogue 

Can we talk to design and get a response back from it. I think it's a yes. But not in a crazy way, where you imagine some on talking to you, but in a more subtle form of exchange. Over the years of being in this field, some of the best interactions have been during the process of designing. It teaches you to be responsive to the problem and helps you understand the level of aesthetics needed for application.

Using this experience, one can share ideas with co-designers and interested people with great enthusiasm. Some of my clients have benefitted to a great extent on the basis of these design dialogues. It becomes a successful transfer, when the key inferences from such a conversation become the guidelines, for future design endeavors.

Next time, listening to the design will be fun and meaningful.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Evolution of the idea

We encounter many things on a daily basis. Our efforts to solve what might seem improper at that moment, usually takes up a lot of our productive time. It adds frustration to our mindset, when the solutions seem unviable in the immediate context due to various factors.
Strangely this becomes a list of pending ideas and things that must have been done to make things better. It can solidify into a mental barrier due to inaction or lack of attention. Maybe a periodic review of things that really matter over time, can be made and a more open ended ideation process be followed to implement the realistic possibilities, so there is a constructive methodology of building, ones own capability model.
Sounds like fun...